Thailand joins world’s effort to assist earthquake victims in Nepal

Thai Hearts to Nepal

In response to the emergency in Nepal and appeals made by various actors, the Royal family, the Royal Thai Government, and the people of Thailand have continued to provide assistance and mobilized funds to assist affected people.

On 29 April 2015, His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand provided 10 million baht (around 330,000 USD) to support the people of Nepal.  The Thai cabinet also approved 100 million baht (around 3.3 million USD) to provide humanitarian assistance to Nepal, in addition to the initial response of 200,000 USD during the first days of the crisis.  The Thai Red Cross Society donated 2.5 million USD.  Furthermore, the Thai Government organized a televised campaign ‘Sending Thai Hearts to Nepal’ to gather donation from Thai people and civil society.  As of May 20 2015, the Campaign received approximately 208 million baht (6.7 million USD).  In addition, on 2 June 2015, CP All Public Company Limited., together with Counter Service Company Limited donated 14 million baht through the Campaign

The Royal Thai Government is coordinating with the Government of Nepal, both in Bangkok and in Kathmandu, as well as relevant International organization, such as OCHA, UNICEF and WHO, on how best to transfer this contribution to the ground.  On 4 June 2015, the Thai Prime Minister is scheduled to hand over a total of 4 million USD of donation to Nepal.

As a part of the ongoing effort, the Royal Thai Embassy, New Delhi accepted contributions from Thai communities in India and as of 8 May 2015 has received a totaled amount of INR 127,500.  On 21 May 2015, the Embassy has transferred the amount to the Head of Thai Buddhist Missionary in India-Nepal, who is currently providing survivors with humanitarian assistances, including food, drinking water and tents as well as bringing medical team to Nepal to provide emergency care.

Besides financial contribution, Thailand provided in-kind contributions, including drinking water system, rice, blankets, and tents as well as other assistance, including 19-member Medical Emergency Response Team, 3 medical teams, 6 engineers and 67 military experts in disaster relief.  In addition, for the reconstruction phase, Thailand sent in psychologists and medical teams to the affected areas to help in dealing with anxiety relief for victims, as well as helping out with the hygiene conditions of the surroundings.

As of 4 June 2015