Unexplored Trang

The Statesman, one of Indian leading newspaper, has published an article on Trang province of Thailand.

Unexplored Trang

Rupali Dean | 25 June, 2015

Trang Province is located in southern Thailand along the Andaman Sea on Thailand’s west coast and sited straight south of Krabi Province (think Koh Phi Phi) and north of Satun Province, southernmost province in Thailand. You stay on the islands of course, with accommodation selections stretching from homestays in fishing villages through to bamboo huts on beaches onto resorts. We stayed at the Koh Mook Sivalai Beach Resort.

Cave adventure

Two guides, one in the front, the other at the back, escort you on a boat. First one is taken down the river and then you fade into the darkness of an underground cave in the mountain Pha Nang Koy. One of the guides will tell you to lie down flat. Inside the ceiling comes closer and closer; though inside the caves you could walk around in, jump out of the canoe, listen to the guide’s explanations and take pictures. A few stops and caves and a lot of pictures later, you get back on the boat and, after an enjoyable bit of floating down the faintly lit river, are once again asked to lie flat down. This time the ceiling seems to come a bit closer than before. The passage gets narrower. There aren’t any lamps anymore and it gets pretty dark and intense. The guides also lie down, pushing the canoe forward with their hands along the ceiling, which basically leaves no space less than 10 cm certainly. Exploring Khao Kob Cave, the Belly of the Dragon, is an immaculate little adventure, and the caves with their groovy stalagmites and stalactites are lovely and fascinating. It’s a tourist destination recommended by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and fairly so!

Emerald Cave

Undoubtedly a highlight of any visit to the Trang region is a visit to the Emerald Cave on the island of Koh Mook. This 85 metre long sea cave is only reachable by boat, and if you swim all the way through the dark tunnel, you emerge at a concealed lagoon and beach, which is only easy to get to by this cave, and was once the sanctuary of pirates and smugglers. It is imperative to time your visit correctly, as the lagoon is only open at low tide. The light shining in through the cave entrance turns the water an Emerald shade of green perhaps clarifying the name.

Underwater wedding

Everywhere needs an unusual thing these days. Gorgeous white sandy beaches and turquoise waters just aren’t adequate to entice your discerning wallet toting holiday maker any more. The Island of Koh Kradan has a thing aka the underwater wedding ceremony, where every Valentine’s day, dreamy couples, who are into diving, can get married 12 metres below the surface, in the biggest wedding ceremony of its kind. There’s even a Guiness World Record admittance for it.

Trang breakfast

You can’t come to Trang and not try its famous breakfast; it’s basically Chinese but extremely popular; ordering is easy. Each table has a figure stuck to a junction and a pile of paper slips with that number printed on the back. Go around to the numerous food counters and place your order. The slip gets attached to your stack of bamboo trays when they are positioned over the steam. Another counter takes orders for coffee, Thai tea or other drinks. Here too the roast ducks hang behind glass, another very popular menu item. Out front, fresh dough is being rolled into pa tong go, a sort of X-shaped bread that is thrown into the deep fryer. A Trang signature dish, Moo Yang, a semi-sweet, somewhat crisp form of grilled pork with the fat coatings and skin still attached, is a must try.

Bay way to reach: Fly Thai airways to Bangkok and then connect with Bangkok Airways into Trang or Krabi, depending on which airport is closer to your resort.

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