Announcement: Flight on 17 April 2021 For Non-Thai Nationals

Flight on 17 April 2021
For Non-Thai Nationals

The Indian Government is organizing a repatriation flight (Vande Bharat Mission) from Bangkok to New Delhi on 17 April 2021. The Air India flight AI332 will depart from New Delhi at 12.00 hrs. (India time) and will arrive in Bangkok at 17.30 hrs. (Thailand time). Non-Thai nationals who wish to enter the Kingdom of Thailand by the said flight must follow the following steps.

  1. Please register for COE at For those who have already registered and got pre-approve for their applications but the period is over 15 days, please register again.
  2. Please register your information at between 08.00 hrs. of 6 April 2021 to 10.00 hrs. of 8 April 2021.

Please note that only the applicants who get pre-approve of COE application and register their information will be eligible for flight on 17 April 2021 on the first-come, first-served basis.

  1. The Royal Thai Embassy will announce names of applicants who complete No. 1 and 2 and are eligible for the said flight on 9 April 2021, and will forward their details to Air India who will then send the online payment link for the ticket to the same email address provided in the online registration form.
  2. The eligible applicants will then need to book the ASQ with the check-in date on 17 April 2021.
  3. The eligible applicants must submit their flight ticket and ASQ reservation at by 12.00 hrs. of 15 April 2021. The Royal Thai Embassy will not issue COE if the applicants fail to send the ASQ reservation and the ticket confirmation before the mentioned deadline.
  4. After the eligible applicants have completed No. 5, the Royal Thai Embassy will then issue a COE through
  5. Please ensure that the applicants have the following documents to present at the check-in counter and to the Department of Disease Control’s Representatives upon arrival to Thailand.

(1) Passport

(2) Certificate of Entry (CoE)

(3) Medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID-19 is not detected, using RT-PCR method, issued within 72 hours before departure.

(4) Medical insurance guaranteeing that the insurance company will cover a minimum of USD 100,000 of medical costs incurred by the applicant in Thailand, including medical costs in the event that applicant contracts COVID-19. The insurance must be quoted in US dollars only.

(5) T.8 Form (Thailand’s Health Declaration Form)

(6) ASQ confirmation

Please note that all required documents must be in hardcopy.

  1. The applicants must download and register themselves through “ThailandPlus” application prior to arriving in Thailand.

Royal Thai Embassy,
New Delhi
5 April B.E. 2564 (2021)

Announcement – 17 April 2021