Vegetarian Restaurants in Thailand


Message from the Ambassador of Thailand to India

Namaste & Swadee Krub,

India and Thailand are no strangers. Historically, we share similar roots and culture including Buddhism, Ramayana, Sanskrit language and curry. For the past two years, more than one millions indians visited Thailand annually. Thailand has been their favourite destination not only because of its hospitality and natural beauties but also exotic foods. Many of them were first-time visitors and perhaps were restricted to vegetarian or Indian foods. They may find it bewildering to satisfy their palate while traveling in Thailand. Yet, they might not realize that there are many authentic Indian and Thai vegetarian  restaurants available in major cities.

This is why the Royal Thai Embassy together with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, VFS Global and Tai Airways International has come up with this Guide to help them find good and  reasonable priced Indian and Thai vegetarian restaurants in major tourist spots across the country. We hope that, after visiting Thailand, you will know more of Thailand and our vegetarian cuisine.

The Royal Thai Embassy would like to thank the above mentioned co-sponsors for their support. For those wishing to keep this Guide as a companion in their Smart Phone, it can be downloaded from the Royal Thai Embassy website. I wish you a pleasant journey and enjoy your stay in Thailand.

Chalit Manityakul

Download the Guide book here