Discover Thainess

Thailand is best known for its friendly people, rich culture, and its variety of destinations that offer vastly different experiences. These elements have made Thai tourism second to none. In 2015, Thailand’s tourism policy focuses on promoting the values of Thai culture. The campaign aims to create an understanding of Thailand and the Thai people’s way of life, or what we call ‘Thainess.’ To achieve this the Tourism Authority of Thailand has created the Discover Thainess website so that travelers may appreciate authentic and unique examples of Thai culture. The website also serves as a portal for information that discerning travelers may use to plan their trips to Thailand on which they will begin to understand the true meaning of ‘Thainess.’
Discover Thainess is divided into seven categories designed suit the range of styles and personalities of Thailand’s many visitors. Each section shares insights about travel destinations, services, venues and activities, plus provides travel tips and articles.
Explore Discover Thainess and unlock Thailand and its fascinating culture and unique traditions.
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