Multiple Entry Tourist Visa Application

The Royal Thai Embassy wishes to inform the public regarding the new guidelines for Tourist visa application as follows:

Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (METV)
The Royal Thai Government has launched the “Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (METV)” scheme.  The application fee is 10,000 Rs with a visa validity of 6 months and the duration of stay of up to 60 days per visit. Applicants may apply for METV from 13 November 2015 onwards. Required documents are

  • Passport or travel document with at least 6 months validity and at least 2 blank visa pages
  • Visa application form completely filled in and signed by applicant
  • Two color photographs of the applicant
  • Visa fee of 10,000 Rs
  • Proof of permanent residence in India (for non-Indian passport holders)
  • Bank statement under applicant’s name showing at least 400,000 Rs in the account for at least 6 consecutive months
  • Copy of PAN card, and Indian income tax return of the latest assessment year
  • Proof of occupation:
    –  For employees: Letter from employer certifying employment and granting leave for tourism in Thailand, and copy of company ID
    –  For students: Letter from school/university certifying student status, and copy of student ID
    –  For business proprietors: Certificate of Incorporation, and Memorandum of Association (MoA)
    –  For small business proprietors: Service Tax Registration Certificate, VAT Registration Certificate, Business License, or Certificate of Importer Exporter Code (At least one of these 4 documents), and bank statement of the company for the last 6 months
  • Transportation: Confirmed tickets in and out of Thailand for the first trip to Thailand, and itinerary of other trips to Thailand
  • Accommodation for the first trip to Thailand
    – Confirmed accommodation reservation, or
    – Invitation letter along with copy of inviter’s ID (Thai national) or copy of inviter’s passport, valid visa, and valid work permit (Foreigner).

The visa centers will only accept complete METV application with all required documents according to this announcement and METV Document Checklist.

Tourists travelling to Thailand and other countries and entering Thailand more than once who may not wish to apply for METV or may not be qualified for METV may apply for Single Entry Tourist Visa or Transit Visa.

Single Entry Tourist Visa
Tourists who have entered Thailand with Single Entry Tourist Visa wishing to leave for another country and come back to Thailand again for tourism may apply for re-entry permit. The fee is 1,000 Baht for single entry and 3,800 Baht for multiple entries. Application is available at Immigration Checkpoints in International Airports (Applicants may apply on departure day only. Processing time is up to 3 hours) and Immigration Office at the Government Complex in Chaengwattana (Applicants may apply in advance. Processing time is 1 day). The allowed duration of stay remains the same as stamped at the time of entering Thailand using the Single Entry Tourist Visa.

Transit Visa
Applicants entering Thailand with different departure and destination countries may apply for transit visa for up to four entries, according to the applicant’s confirmed itinerary and tickets. Transit visa holder will be allowed the duration of stay of up to 30 days per transit.

Double Entry Tourist Visa
The Royal Thai Government will no longer issue Double Entry Tourist Visa. Double Entry Tourist Visa issued before 13 November 2015 is still valid for entering Thailand within the “Enter Before” date on the visa.

* The applicant may be required to submit additional documents. In such case, the applicant will be informed on the collection date, from which the required documents must be submitted within 10 days; otherwise the application will automatically be rejected.
* The passport will be returned when the application process is completed and the visa is granted or rejected. The applicant who wishes to request the passport back while the application is still in process may do so providing a written request made through the visa center during submission timings. Once the request is made, the application process is considered terminated and the passport will be returned on the next working day.
* In case the application is withdrawn or rejected, all fees and service charges will not be refunded, and the visa sticker shall bear the “VOID” stamp.